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Which Injection Molding Machine Do You Need?

Apr. 07, 2021

If you are in manufacturing, you may have encountered or heard of Injection Molding Machines, which are essential equipment in industrial plastic manufacturing. From body parts to small accessories and toys, injection molding is a manufacturing process commonly used to make plastic products. The main advantage of injection molding machines is that they can produce large numbers of identical plastic parts.

What type of molding machine do you need? This is not because there are several types and categories of injection molding machines on the market, but because there are several aspects that you need to consider. Most importantly, you need plastic processing equipment that matches your job, materials and financial capabilities.

Injection Molding Machines

Injection Molding Machines

Injection molding machine type

Although every injection molded part has two important parts, the injection unit and the fixture, they are mainly classified according to the drive system used.


The Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine or press is the oldest mold injection molding machine. These were the tools used by manufacturers to mold polyethylene plastic products until 1983 when the first all-electric industrial molding press came out. Although their accuracy is not very high, these machines are still the most popular machines in the world outside of Japan.


Electric presses are the second type of injection molding equipment you can find in the industry. They are favored because they help reduce costs by using less energy and providing clean and tidy production. Compared with other types of injection molding tools, these machines also have high accuracy and speed, and produce less noise.

Choosing the right injection molding machine

Before buying an injection molding machine, you need to consider many aspects, including tonnage, injection size, tie rod spacing, plate size and ejection stroke. However, in terms of tools, efficiency, versatility and flexibility, you need to decide whether to use a horizontal or vertical injection molding machine in the manufacturing workshop.

Vertical injection molding machine

Unlike traditional horizontal machine tools, vertical injection molding tools work on a vertical axis. They usually have a turntable or shuttle, which helps eliminate gravitational misalignment caused by vertical alignment. In addition to being suitable for in-line molding applications, these industrial molding tools also have components that can be quickly loaded onto the mold. Another feature that makes vertical injection molding machines attractive is the ability to select multiple fixture units on the same vertical centerline. Finally, these devices are excellent space-saving tools because they take up half of the space occupied by horizontal machines.

Horizontal injection molding machine

The horizontal injection molding machine is the first of two injection molding tools standardized for industrial use. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are the most commonly used plastic machines in the world. Although they are only second in terms of various issues compared with vertical injection molding machines, they still have their own advantages.

These devices are not easy to use when handling larger objects, but are more mobile and safer than similar devices. In addition, since most of their components are stable, they are easy to automate. The fact that you may find more horizontal injection molding machines in many manufacturing plants proves that they have multiple development advantages.

Final Decision:

When choosing the right injection molding machine, efficiency, productivity, safety and affordability are your primary considerations. Then, you should consider issues such as accessory quality, tooling requirements, and maximum production turnaround time. When it comes to the debate between vertical and horizontal machines, there is no doubt that Vertical Injection Molding Machines have more advantages. However, if you plan to automate or add functions to molding equipment, a horizontal injection molding machine is the ideal choice.

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