• LED bulb making machine DV-2100.2R

LED bulb making machine DV-2100.2R

We Provide Led Bulb Making Machine And Rotary Injection Molding Machine, Our Company Has Been Committed To Supply Personalized Product Solutions To Customers,pla Consult Us.

Product Description

Product Description

DV-2100.2R Characteristics of vertical injection molding machine:

﹡Vertical clamping, vertical injection, safe and prevent mould from weigh, it fit for inserts plastic molding.

Model Unit DV-2100.2R
(  Injection    Unit  ) Screw diameter mm Ф55 Ф60
  Maximum injection  pressure Kg/cm2 1749 1470
  Theoretical shot volume cm3 570 678
  Maximum shot weight(PS) g/Oz 509(17.9) 605(21.3)
  Injection rate cm3/sec 180 215
(  Clamping      Unit  )  Clamping force ton 210
  Rotary Table Diameter mm 1600
  tie bar distance mm -
  Minimum mold thickness mm 350/450(Can be customized according to customer requirements)
  Opening stroke mm 400
  Open daylight mm 750/850(As required)
  Ejector force T 7(Can be customized according to customer requirements)
  Ejector stroke mm 100
(  Others  ) Pump motor power Kw 22
  Hydraulic system pressure Kg/cm2 140
  Barrel heating power Kw 14.25
  Total wattage Kw 36.25
  Oil tank   capacity L 800
  Machine weight  (approx.) T 10
  Machine dimensions(approx.) m 3.6×2.1× 5.4



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